Padraig Harte, IT Sligo

eInvoicing: Smart collaboration to drive adoption among suppliers

Our Project Coordinator, Padraig Harte, Lecturer in Computing at IT Sligo, was recently interviewed for Eolas magazine to discuss the role his organisation has had in Ireland’s eInvoicing journey and how IT Sligo’s collaborations with public bodies and business are helping to deliver innovative eInvoicing implementations across the public sector.

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eInvoicing in the Irish Higher Education sector is now a reality

Letterkenny is the first Institute of Technology in Ireland to successfully receive a PEPPOL compliant eInvoice through the PEPPOL eDelivery network.

eInvoicing for communities, the project funded through the Connecting Europe Facility, aims at ensuring the uptake of an eInvoicing shared-service solution compliant with the European eInvoicing Standard (EN) in the Higher Education sector in Ireland.

EduCampus is an education sector, shared service that provides business critical ICT application services and Management Information Systems (MIS) to the Higher Education and Research sector in Ireland.  

All EduCampus Clients currently receive invoices in several mediums and formats including email and paper based. Clients currently manually input the data contained in these invoices into their finance management system (FMS) and some clients documents are scanned up to a document archiving feature.

Educampus has recently procured a PEPPOL Access Point (AP) through Celtrino that is available to all their Clients to allow the exchange of EU complaint eInvoices.

The Letterkenny IT (LYIT) pilot site will now have an automated, integrated solution where the PEPPOL Access Point validates eInvoices against PEPPOL and LYIT’s business rules. Once the eInvoice passes these validations it is routed to their Unit4 ERP (FMS) as a PO (purchase order) or Non PO eInvoice. The eInvoice will then be processed through the FMS workflow for posting, approval and payment.

A full end to end test was carried out, by sending a test invoice from a supplier using the Profitek ERP system which has been upgraded to natively support the PEPPOL invoice messages, compliant with the EU standard. The eInvoice has been exchanged using the eDelivery network with Celtrino and Document Centric Solutions acting as the Access Points for the public and private sector respectively. Celtrino’s AP received and processed the sample invoice from Document Centric Solution’s AP and this invoice was successfully uploaded into the Letterkenny FMS.

 “LYIT believe that the move to e-invoicing is a very progressive change that will bring significant benefits in processing invoices from suppliers for payment.  It will lead to more efficient and automated processing in our system and help enable us to better meet our prompt payment obligations.  In conjunction with workflow steps we have implemented to complement e-invoicing, this will also allow us to better track where invoices are in the system, reduce the time spent on internal follow-up, provide better customer service, and reduce paper and storage costs, therefore also being more environmentally friendly. “ – stated Andy McGovern (Letterykenny Institute of Technology, Finance Manager).

On completion of the Pilot site project, the remaining EduCampus clients will be scheduled to roll out this solution over the next 4 months.

About Educampus 

EduCampus acts as a broker for its clients by engaging with relevant service providers and suppliers in negotiating software licensing and subscription agreements as well as application hosting and support agreements. EduCampus also provides the implementation services and operations support for the systems on a shared services basis thereby safeguarding the quality of the systems while ensuring that value for money to the sector is maintained. EduCampus is committed to quality and innovation in the design, implementation and operation of the environments and shared services that it provides. Cost-efficiency and value for money are at the heart of all EduCampus activities and the organisation is committed to providing appropriate modern platforms, software, and applications to support the ongoing and emerging needs of its client community.

About Profteck 

Profile Technology have been in business since 1979 and have an established Accounts and Point of Sale Software nationwide user base in the Small to Medium Business market, utilising a comprehensive Business Management and Financial Management system.