About the project

This project aims at accelerating and simplifying the adoption of eInvoicing using community-based models in Ireland.

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eInvoicing for communities, the project funded through the Connecting Europe Facility, aims at ensuring the uptake of an eInvoicing shared-service solution compliant with the European eInvoicing Standard (EN) using community-based models in Ireland.  Three main communities will be targeted, in particular the Higher Education sector, the smart community of Tubbercurry and ERP vendors.

EduCampus is an education sector, shared service that provides business critical ICT application services and Management Information Systems (MIS) to the Higher Education and Research sector in Ireland.  The project will ensure the uptake of an eInvoicing shared service solution compliant with the European eInvoicing standard. Fourteen institutions will be able to receive and process eInvoices based on the PEPPOL specifications.  Educampus will procure a PEPPOL Access Point (AP) that is available to all their Clients to allow the exchange of eInvoices.

The town of Tubbercurry in Ireland is actually the first Smart Community in Ireland and is recognised as a national leader that can promote the use of digital technology in the community incorporating its citizens, businesses and Local Authority.   The lessons learned here can be rolled out to each new Smart Community both in Ireland and the EU.  Smart Communities are focussed around how local citizens and businesses can use technology to enhance the way they interact with public bodies to transform their community in significant and positive ways. 

The third community is focused on ERP vendors providing solutions to SMEs. They will update their software to enable their customers to send eInvoices compliant with the EN, natively from their systems without requiring conversions.  The project will enable these companies to provide software to selected businesses without any cost.

Consortium partners

  1. Institute of Technology, Sligo
  2. EduCampus Services DAC
  3. Tubbercurry Software Limited
  4. Celeris Advisory Limited
  5. Tubbercurry Development Company LTG
  6. Trojan IT Business Solutions Ltd
  7. Reitig Consultants LIMITED

Project details at a glance

  • Project ID: 2019-IE-IA-0029
  • Implementation schedule: January 2020 to May 2021
  • Project Coordinator: IT Sligo
  • Project budget: €719,080
  • EU financing: €539,310
  • Programme: Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom Call 2019 eInvoicing